Licensed products


Minions are funny yellow beings that are popular all over the world, which appeared on the screen for the first time in 2010 in the animated comedy “Despicable Me”. Their success since launch has been monumental, so much so that the three main characters – Kevin, Bob and Stuart – even appeared in their own 3D animated film in cinemas in 2015.

We have also used the high brand recognition for a number of years and we offer many corresponding confectionery products under the successful licence.


Hiccup, son of Viking chieftain Stoick, and the dragon Toothless are the absolute stars and main characters of the broadcast hit series.

From the cinema release alone in 2010, “How To Train Your Dragon” brought in US $ 494 million and is the most successful cinema film to date outside the Shrek series from DreamWorks Animation. Lasting success has led to the second cinema film in 2014, another in 2018, and broadcasting of its own television series on SUPER RTL since 2013.

This is a success that is also very present in the shops.


DREAMWORKS TROLLS is a “hair-raising” and gripping family-friendly comedy with moving songs that touch the heart. The trolls live in a colourful fantasy world full of rainbows and cupcakes. Known for their crazy, colourful and magical hair, the trolls are the happiest and jolliest beings of their time. However, when their leader Poppy embarks on a rescue mission into a foreign world, the fate of the trolls suddenly changes.

We have had the corresponding licensed products in the area of confectionery in our range since 2016.