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Au’some Candies Inc. was founded in 1998 in New Jersey as a subsidiary of Candy Novelty Works Ltd. based in Hong Kong and it has developed an unmistakable profile since that time, with the interesting combination of play, fun and delicious confectionery. In 2011, a factory was opened in South Carolina for the North American market; in addition, the company has sales offices in North America, Asia and several European countries.

Au’some is known everywhere as one of the leading suppliers of trendy toy/confectionery combinations and as an absolute pioneer in the development of product trends. Time and again the company proves its great talent at creating unique and innovative products.

In short: Au’some knows what children want.

The Flic’n’Lic® lollies in particular have attracted attention for many years in German wholesale and in the convenience store channels, and they have become successfully established here as a long selling product. The innovative lollies in fruity flavour combinations are ready to nibble thanks to the flap mechanism – and they can be put away again just as quickly.