Fini Golosinas

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Starting in 1970 with a single, handmade fruit gum and continuing to the present automatic production of several thousand units per minute, Fini represents an exceptional history and development. With the aim of distribution both nationally and internationally, Fini conducts continuous research and development to provide products of the highest quality.

With strong partners and trading branches in Spain, other European countries and overseas as well as a second plant in Brazil, Fini distributes its extensive range all over the world.

Manuel Sánchez Cano, the founder and chairman of the company, was very proud that the company remains on a successful course with the tremendous support of his sons and the whole team.

The success proves Fini right. With an incredibly broad range of fruit gum, marshmallow, chewing gum and many other innovative confectionery products, Fini is the partner you want at your side.