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In 1960 in a Farmacia in the heart of Barcelona, pharmacist Dr Luis Torrents began producing chewing gum to alleviate motion sickness. After a few years, a cooperation developed with North American chewing gum manufacturer Fleer Corporation. The newly created company, Fleer Espanola, built a factory in a small town near Barcelona, Olesa de Bonesvalls.

At the start of the joint activity, Fleer Espanola signed a distribution agreement with a major Spanish confectionery company. This was an excellent opportunity to establish own brands on the market, including Dubble Bubble, with an excellent sales team. With continuing success the company, which had since grown, formed a sales team of its own, which worked hard and professionally to make Fleer Espanola the Spanish market leader in the area of individual chewing gum strips. Today, the company looks back on a company history of constant and sustainable growth, having repeatedly made valuable investments and constantly expanded its sales markets.