The medium-sized family company was founded in Aachen in 1991 by spouses Evelyn and Günter Bartz; it now employs around 45 staff and has been growing constantly for over 28 years.

The name tri d’Aix refers to the company site near Aachen, amid the three-country border (tri=three) between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The suffix Aix (pronounced “ex”) is the abbreviated form of Aix-La-Chapelle, the French name for the city of Aachen.

As a company operating internationally, we are known as a leading supplier of fruit gum, marshmallow, hard caramels and chewing gum even across the borders.

Starting with the focus of winning over retail with unusual products and packagings, we use this know-how today in changing market conditions and for all other distribution channels. Our strength is the experience of many years of innovative product policies with a constant stream of new ideas in close collaboration with our enlarged customer base and continuing demand on ourselves.