Zeta Espacial

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ZETA ESPACIAL S.A. was founded in 1979 with the vision of producing unique and innovative confectionery which would stand out from all previously known products.

Even one year after the company was founded, the success in the development of popping candies was so great that it was quickly decided to expand and seven further sales markets were developed in only the second year.

Zeta Espacial is currently a multi-award-winning family company with sites in Spain, Mexico and the USA. The development of the internationalisation and recognition of the brand is viewed with great pride, having been advanced successfully to the present day with great passion and a high quality standard.

Here in Germany, everyone is talking about the Magic Gum® brand in particular. The crackling chewing gum in the unmistakable blue bag has always delighted young and old snack and chewing gum lovers. In addition, the popular products from the Pop Rocks® and TwoToOne® brands also feature in our brand portfolio.